På uppväxt/Youngsters

Fjärilsflickans Livius

Blue tabby colourpoint
Rag a 21

Född: 200405

DNA-test HCM N/N
Heart and Kidneys Will be tested
This boy is a boy that i am so so happy to have in my life i really really love so much aboute him. He is a very long and big and have so so much both after his dad and his mom.


ES*Carpat Ragdolls Lorette

 Funtastic Dolls U Wish Weni              

Kastrater /Neutered

S*Funtastic Dolls Tremendous Teo

Blue Bicolour 
Rag a 03 

Född /born: 160909

DNA-test HCM N/N
Heart and Kidneys Normal
This boy is a very very special boy from my last litter i keep him and her sister Thilie He has a very broad head and he is very very heavy at his age. He is also having a great bone structure. it will be very interested to see how he will developed ;)


Enchanted Loves Glittra


Amazing Dollz Number One Nimbus

Funtastic Dolls Only 4 Me Octavio

Brun tabby mitted (RAG n 04 21)
Född/born: 150731

DNA-test HCM N/N
Heart and Kidneys Normal
Octavio is a very special boy and he took hes place in early time. He is a copy of his father and also even a bit stronger than hes dad. ;) It was a looong waiting to get this combination but finally it came <3  and perhaps he will take over here after hes father <3 He is just a sweet and carring and want to be near us everywere ;)
More info will follow later


Funtastic Dolls Miss

Gunbertus Cameron